Welcome to Alpha Healthcare

Alpha Healthcare is a family owned importer and distributor and is committed to serve and provide for the Healthcare requirements and needs of the customers it serves with top-quality products and services, Locally and Internationally. As a commitment to its customers, we depend on innovation through continuous development and the improvement of the quality of healthcare services provided.


Our PROMISE to you, our Partner in Healthcare: •  The provision of quality healthcare products of high value with cost efficiency.

•  The best of the best highly professional sales service with a focus on the consumer. Strong ethical 
     business values and commitment to healthcare

•  Through manufacturing facilities and resources, we endeavour to ensure the delivery of stock |  
     timeously for your requirements.

•  To distribute directly to you through import distribution capabilities.

•  Quality, high value and ease of us products for the benefit of holistic care for benefit of the end-user
     Healthcare Environment provision of goods and services: home healthcare and in-hospital through
     Private Sale and National and Municipal Tender opportunities throughout the Public and Private
     healthcare systems in South Africa and Abroad, Import and Export provision of goods and services.


About Alpha Healthcare

Alpha Healthcare was a vision in 1990 due to exposure in the Pharmaceutical Industry and registered and launched in November 2004 as we, the Management, identified a weak point in the market specifically for SMME organisations to provide medical and surgical supplies direct to the consumer to reduce the cost of medical equipment, disposables and home-based care medical needs to reduce hospitalization costs


The aim of Alpha Healthcare, Initially, was to offer Diabetes Education and Support to communities and patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle


The expansion of our medical and surgical supplies became evident within a year of exposure within a growing market.


Mission, Vision & Value


It is our relentless pursuit to be the first choice in quality, value and service, in the eyes of our customers, through the improvement of the quality of life for our people, customers and society. We will be one strong team united by our mission and values.


Alpha Healthcare's Consulting Services

Diabetes Education and Behavioural Support The diabetes education and support services through specialized referral resources, through working collaboratively with members of the inter-professional healthcare team.


Diabetes Education: Poorly controlled DM is associated with increased morbidity, mortality, and medical costs. One key to controlling DM is diabetes education. Landmark studies such as the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), United Kingdom Prospective Study (UKPDS), and the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) reveal the value of diabetes education, indicating that it provides patients with information they need to manage their disease.


Diabetes Risk Assessment

Take the Diabetes Risk Assessment test to understand better the potential risk factors involved in developing diabetes through the American Diabetes Association: STOP DIABETES: www.stopdiabetes.org


Wound Care Nurse Specialist Services

Provision of continuous, supportive care for people with delayed wound healing.


Special Requests:




Product Knowledge and Education for the provision of solutions for YOUR Healthcare needs through professional services and products not found anywhere else. Quality Products will be supplied at a Reasonable Price and Sourced from Leading Manufacturers Locally and Globally


Customer Focus :

Medical Industry


Private and State-owned Clinics,

Doctors, Pharmacies,

Ambulance Services,


Establishments for the Elderly and Physically and Mentally-challenged

Children’s institutions,

Retirement Villages

Home Healthcare: to provide premiere healthcare products for mobility, respiratory care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, orthopaedic, bathroom safety, bedroom furniture and accessories, maternity care, child care, physical fitness, wellness and many other home healthcare requirements, capitalized by group of professional advisors who dedicate their time to offer friendly service and knowledgeable product support.


Beauty Service Providers

Beauty and Spa Supplies: esp disposable underwear and beauty equipment and Furniture


Corporate Sector

General Supplies like Disinfectants, First Aid Equipment, Wellness Programme Supplies


Government Municipal and Non-Governmental Tenders

Hospitals, Schools , Clinics: Private and State